What is the Promotional Products Directory by PSI?

The Promotional Products Directory is Europe’s first and largest database of the promotional products industry. Here you will not only find the largest number of promotional products distributors – these have also been certified by the PSI, the promotional products network. After all, professional consultation is what you can expect from a service provider: from professionals for professionals! Your brand message is worth it.



What is the PSI? »

Promotional products offer sustainable advertising!

You want to leave an impression with your customers? You do not have a large budget? And you want your promotion to be remembered for a long time? Then promotional products are the way to go!

Here we tell you, on the basis of the experience in Germany, why they are the best choice for making sure that your message will have a lasting effect.

You are a promotional products distributor?

You would like to also be listed in the promotional products industry directory? If you are a promotional products distributor and willing to commit yourself to our quality standards – apply for being registered in our database now.



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